Comfort and Friends

Founded in 2017, this project has been a work of love. When we first moved to middle Georgia we didn’t know how our lives were going to change. We came from San Diego, California where my husband, Edward, served in the Navy for 25 years as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He then went into private practice in Temecula, California for an additional 16 years.

After retiring in 2012, we moved to Tucson Arizona and traveled for 3 years. While visiting our son and his family in middle Georgia, we found a 2.5-acre property along a country road about 3 miles from downtown Gray, Georgia. We bought it and moved our lives here. Edward finally had his wish come true and bought a tractor and planted 30 fruit trees. After living here for a few months, the property next door came on the market and we bought it and found ourselves with a small house that needed a lot of love and remodeling. Edward finally had more property to put his tractor to use.

I decided to turn this house into a quilt and craft retreat. I have been to a lot of quilt retreats all over the United States and knew what I wanted in a retreat home. I would get to meet amazing quilters and crafters from the area, cook them some amazing food and make new friends. It took us 2 years to complete this project and we have included some great amenities for you to enjoy.

With two full bathrooms and 3 good sized bedrooms, this NEW house can easily sleep 6 friends. We have purchased some of the best quilting and craft workstations we could find and have supplies for you to use and purchase if needed.